There is this clothing company. But there are no employees. No 40-hour working week. Nor a landline phone connection. Mainly because there is no „headoffice“ to put the telephone into.

There is no „reporting chain“ to a remote CFO or board of directors.
The company doesn’t even hire PR agencies to make up good stories about it or polling firms to do „core market research“ and find out what’s gonna be next season’s hot shizzle „out there“.

Actually, the company IS „out there“ every day.
Instead of employees, there are many gifted friends living in New York, Bali, London or Zurich contributing to all aspects of the brand with great passion and talent.

And instead of CFOs and board people there’s just us.
Longtime friends that not only own the company together but are passionately involved in its products from the first ideas to production.
And in the end even pack the boxes and send them to you. Just to make sure it gets done right.
And think or talk about their „business“ not only between 9 am and 5 pm, but pretty much all the time. Because they are not just in it to make money.

They love what they do.

Some call it „blue eyed“ or „unbusinesslike“.

We decided to call it atreebutes.



Likemind AG
Ledergasse 6
6375 Beckenried