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About Us

I like to look good, but as long as I’m making clothing, I will be sure we are taking care of the earth and the people making our clothing
– Fredi K,  Professional Snowboarder, DJ & Founder of Atreebutes

Atreebutes was founded in 2008 with the intention to utilize sustainable practices while maintaining excellent design. We work with the highest quality organic and sustainable materials and offer a product that fits impeccably and reflects who we are as thinkers in the global marketplace. 

We work with the Global Organic Textile Standard, recognized as the leading processing standard for organic textiles and Made in a Free World, an organization committed to helping eradicate forced labor in global supply chains. 

In the end, it is businesses that have the buying power and thus the global influence to protect freedom. From the people picking the cotton to those assembling the finished products, we want to be sure that we are treating people well in our supply chain. 

about the logo


The Atreebutes logo is a finger sign, like something a baseball player would use, or a funny gang sign, two fingers down. It’s an invitation into the way we do things, making decisions with the mindset that how we live affects other people. Even in something as simple as how we dress.

The bridge of the A is made from a fresh fish, clean and organic like the soil our cotton grew in. 




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