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Warum Organic


So your skin isn't absorbing chemicals 


Conventional manufacturing processes treat garments with things to prevent wrinkles, keep them colorfast, or make them fire retardant. That all sounds nice, untill you realize that your very own skin is absorbing these because they never fully wash out. 

So she doesn't have to worry about pesticide poisoning. 

in many countries cotton is still hand picked. The world health organization estimates over 2 million people are annually sick with pesticide poisoning and 20,000 people die from it every year. Many of these are people working with conventional cotton in developing countries, but even in first world countries, pesticides cause cancer. 

SO THAT the soil retains nutrients and the LOCAL WATER SUPPLIES stay CLEAN. 

CONVENTIONAL COTTON IS THE WORLDS MOST CHEMICALLY DEPENDEND SUBSTANCE, USING 1/4 LB OF CHEMICALS FOR ONE TSHIRT. These are really small particles THAT TRICKLE INTO local WATER SUPPLIES and food sources. WHEN YOU CHOOSE ORGANIC, YOU bring a major positive impact to your health and that of wildlife ecosystems. 

organic cotton basics

Small scale farmers can actually save money by not having to by tons of chemicals. They use insects, like ladybugs and flowers, like marigolds, to keep away pests and compost instead of synthetic fertilizers. Crop rotation is practiced, which means the soil retains more nutrients. Organic cotton is non gmo, needs less water to grow and is safe for animals and ecosystems.