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Kyle MacLennan

Kyle MacLennnan, Surf and other film producer, photographer and extravagansor of large livin'

Kyle is one of those guys that makes you just stoked your alive. The guy that tells you to dream big, and then bigger still, because life is awesome and every second is worth living. He's the ultimate optimist, and this gets him into fantastic situations. 

"My name is Kyle MacLennan.  I have found the majority of my later life lived through the lens of cameras.  Some of those cameras being motion and others being stills.  Honestly, I don't really know how to define myself, because any label I find to explain me, only seems to limit me from other things that I do or I know I can do.  I guess I can be summed up in the things that I like to do which are:
Take Photographs, Make Films, Go on Adventures (especially in the Ocean), Surf, Dive, Travel, Create Shit, Make Long-Lasting Solid Relationships with Cool People, Do Rad Shit, Try things I've never done, Keep the Moral and Attitude at an All-Time High, Encourage People, Motivate, Imagine....
Really, the main thing for me is that when I hold a camera, it's like a secret weapon.  People let you in places you would never get to go.  It's like a free ticket into worlds you would never ever get to experience. I think that being personable and easy going, has afforded me many opportunities that are so rare and unique.  I really enjoy life and feel extremely fortunate to have lived a life: 'Rich in Experience' "

Some of Kyle's Photos