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Fredi K

Atreebutes Founder Frederik Kalbermatten.

Professional Snowboarder, DJ, and businessman who cares about the how and why and who of making clothing.  Here's his answers to a few simple questions. 

Why do you make music?

I like to mix my favorite tunes together. Feels like i can turn off my brain from other stuff, work or snowboarding, just get lost in the moment. I like the build up and the let down that comes with making my own sets and mixing tracks together. 

And what can you say about being a pro snowboarder? 

Snowboarding just happened to me, growing up and living in Saas-Fee, where winter is longer than any other season. I like the cold, the blue, breathing the clean air, the solitude, the freedom. Being able to make a living from it has meant all these years doing something I love. 

Why are you doing atreebutes, the way you are doing it? 

I just love the process of making clothes. The design and creative direction are really fun for me and then I like seeing the people working for us, meeting them, seeing how they are treated, seeing where and how the cotton is grown and knowing I can be proud that we are creating something sustainable, treating people well. 
So I like what we are creating, the product is really good, and of course i like the look and feel of it, the brand vibe. But I also like it for other people, for what we offer to the stores who buy it and the guys who wear it. It's like valuing yourself in the way you dress, the way you represent yourself, it doesn't have to be a rolex or something, just the clothes you are wearing, and at the same time you can value other people in the world.